The definitive guide to picking up, hooking up, and spicing up your sex life
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About the Book

Filled with practical advice on every aspect of sex, love, and lust, Ashley Dupre's column "Ask Ashley" doled out her unflinchingly honest, expert opinions on questions asked by New York Post readers, which ranged from threesomes to rubber fetishes to rekindling the romance, and even touched on what to do if you suspect your daughter is sleeping with the entire football team. Dupre took all of these questions in stride, gave plenty of sex tips, stressed the importance of honest and open communication, and taught us that a bottle of wine is always the answer. With Dupre's nearly three years' worth of columns organized into topical chapters, Tricks of the Trade is the definitive guide to picking up, hooking up, and having a sex life that rivals erotica.

About Ashley

In March 2008, Ashley Dupre hit the front page of the New York Post when she was named the escort girl to Gov. Eliot Spitzer (aka Client No. 9). The scandal led to the governor’s resignation and a mea culpa from Dupre who said she would apologize to Spitzer's scorned wife, Silda, if she could, adding: "I'm sorry for your pain." Dupre's own background is troubled. After growing up on the Jersey Shore, teen angst and a taxing relationship with her mother forced her to leave home at 17. A year later, she was in New York City, where she worked as a cocktail waitress in posh Manhattan clubs, which, she admits, is what led her to become an escort.

As much as Ashley wishes she could take back the mistakes she's made, she understands that in the internet age, you can never erase your past. She drew on many of the lessons she's learned for her love, sex and relationship column "Ask Ashley," which appeared in The New York Post between 2009 and 2012. These days, Ashley is engaged and the owner of Femme by Ashley, a lingerie shop in Red Bank, NJ.